Our Studio

Kamil Taner Architecture & Interiors is a multiple award winning architecture, interior and product ‘’Design Studio” that work internationally. Our passion for designing unique modern mediterranean style homes is at the heart of our studio.

Designing every piece of detail from buildings to interiors, from furniture to lighting is what makes us unique.

We do what we love. We design modern mediterranean architecture which are spaces of serenity and elegance that go hand in hand. The focus is neither the size nor the type of project but the opportunity to enrich lives and enhance the environment.

By adopting the role of traditional ‘’master builder’’ we integrated a variety of design services with construction capabilities. Our team of architects, civil engineers, interior architects, furniture designers, craftsmen, allowed us a vast knowledge and experience that can not be found at a single disipline firm.

We Are Different

Since Kamil Taner founded the studio in 2012 we have designed and built numerous projects. We have won many international awards and have been published worldwide. What makes us different is how we do our work.

First, we love designing one of a kind modern houses, it’s interiors, it’s products, it’s landscape. We are good at it. It is our passion.

Second, we are holistic designers. Creating spaces that resonate ease, love, joy and happiness is very important to us because that is how we try to live in our daily lives. We spend a lot of time understanding our clients dreams, their ideas, their lifestyle. We try to become them and we tell our clients story through our design.

Third, we take away worry and risk. We pride ourselves for producing extremely through technical construction and manufacturing design documents. Our architects, civil engineers, builders, interior designers, craftsmen design every little detail side by side which makes a great difference for lowering the prices, scheduling, ease and flow of construction.

Finally, we guide you through the decision making process so it feels easy because this is the place you will be living in and we want your experience to be great from start to the finish.

Our Founder

Kamil Taner is focused on people, their dreams, desires, emotions, lifestyle, philosophy. He is centered on the experience they want to have of a space where they rejuvenate, replenish, feel ease, love, joy and happiness. Architecture is both his hobby and his passion. He is a professor of architecture, skilled master builder, craftsman, mentor and a coach taking into account all factors as a whole rather than a single aspect. Creating balance and harmony is his ethos.

Kamil Taner won multiple international awards in the fields of architecture, interior design, product design and published internationally. He was chosen one of the top 50 designers in paris in 2019.