You should work with a designer that their work speaks to you and the way they live their life should resonate with yours

I am a learner. I am curious in nature. I am always hungry for new information. History, theology, spirituality, art, literature, mechanics, design , music are among many.

For more than twenty years I have studied religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity. Dived into mystic arts, sufism, meditation, yoga. I worked with spiritual teachers. At this point, I can not emphasize the importance of philosophy and psychology enough (western and eastern). I learned about the flow of life, the nature of life, the works of the energy, true happiness and alignment. I learned to live a life with ease, love, joy, happiness and as I did my true self emerged. Whatever I gained, I give it back by guiding others to become the best version of themselves. I have thought design to students. I have mentored and trained many designers to find their inner light waiting to shine. I have coached individuals to become happy, self confident beings which already is their birthright. I love designing. Designing for the wellbeing of others is what makes me happy and exited. I design unique modern houses, interiors, furniture, landscape. When all of these are in harmony with each other and the person that I am designing for, I am in heaven. These are the pillars of my life philosophy.

The evolution of man intrigues me. From hunters, farmers to steel, mechanics to technology. I love The Renaissance, The Industrial Revolution, The Age of Enlightenment, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, The Bauhaus, The Mid-Century Movement, Traditional Japanese, Chinese and Balinese Architecture. Learning about the transformation of human species, their conceptions, creations, inventions made me understand myself more as a designer. These are the foundations of my design philosophy.

They call me old school because I bring heritage back to life, back to its old glory. I restore old cars, trucks, mechanical watches, furniture and I live with these pieces of histories in my daily life.

I work with artisans (wood craftsman’s, stone craftsman’s, blacksmith’s) side by side. To me precision is very important. I design every little detail like a lego instruction booklet and I make sure it gets built the way I want it to. I use technology both digital and mechanic. Today 3D technology enables us efficiency both in design and delivery. Helps us see challenges beforehand. I love creating designs where I work long hours to make it become simple, elegant and yet affordable. To me making something affordable is very essential. Otherwise it does not make sense to me.

I believe a good designer has to understand his/her client really well in fact so well that the designer should be able to literally become them. Should walk in their shoes, feel their feelings and desires. And only then a great design can surface.

In short, becoming a person of philosophy, history, theology, spirituality, psychology, art, design, music, restoration, efficiency, simplicity, value, affordability, technology and ease has made me a person to understand, appreciate life and my clients in a deeper level. We always end up becoming good friends.

I do not create just designs, my work is to design a life that speaks to you. I create spaces of wellbeing. Places that relaxes the mind and the soul. A space for me is not just a building, it is very personal. It is a place of feeling healthy, feeling connected to yourself, your inner being. It is a place where you feel at peace and harmony. It is a place of joy, happiness and laughter. It is where you really feel like home, where you feel yourself. This is my work philosophy.

All of this is a combination of who I am and what we do as a studio all together.